About Us

Developed by Athletes for Athletes...

We're the first to combine athletic assessments, player profiles, and college recruiting into a single process.

We showcase talent by sharing player profiles with family, friends, and college recruiters.

But, regardless of what path each athlete takes, we encourage creating a brand at an early age - starting with a Domain Name:

  • Once obtained (no one else can use that same name as a URL)
  • This protects the athlete's brand by preventing others from using their name at a later date.

Our Program:

Athletic Assessments designed for all youth sports - including band, cheer, dance, and gymnastics.

Our Focus: Two Age Groups:

12 & Under - Sponsored by MVP Sports Camps (for family and friends)
13 & Over - Sponsored by Quick Link Recruiting (for college recruiters).

"MVP Sports Camps provides a clear and comprehensive privacy policy preventing unauthorized use of personal information."

A Three-Step Process

Step 1:

Get Rated - All athletes start with the Athletic Ability Rating®:

  • Either attend a camp or complete the home assessment
  • The assessment helps to establish a baseline, a starting point.

Step 2:

Get Profiled - Create an Player Profile (a subscription-based database comparing athletes in similar age and sports groups):

  • 12 and Under - Great for sharing stats with family and friends while also comparing progress over time to athletes in like age and sports groupings
  • 13 and Over - A great way to build an athletic profile on a budget, compare results with other athletes, and share files directly with recruiters - using our (college and university) contact database.

Step 3:

Get Recruited - For the more competitive athlete, consider our talent showcase “Elite Athlete” program:

  • Using photo, stat and video URL links, this profile increases internet visibility and takes the profile to a whole different level
  • Subscribers may share directly with recruiters, or allow us to provide electronic access (every quarter) to every school, conference and division across the country (Div I, II, and III)
  • All things being equal, this increases exposure and interest and helps separate athletes from their competition.​

"This program takes the profile to a whole different level."