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Three national programs comparing athletes in like age and sport groups:

1. Fast Start - 12 and Under

2. MVP - Ages 13 and Over (just getting started)

3. Elite Athlete - Ages 13 and Over (for the more competitive)


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future stars - 12 and Under ($5.99/month)

  • The starting point for all youth sport athletes (establishes a baseline).
  • Great for sharing with family and friends.
  • You provide the AAR® updates; we edit and maintain the database.
  • Age restrictions limit visibility and public access.

MVP - 13 AND Over ($7.99/month)

  • 12-month minimum.
  • The next step for middle and high school athletes.
  • Great for comparing AAR® stats, ranking, and achievements.
  • Great for sharing with family, friends, and college recruiters.
  • Great for those on a limited budget:
    * We maintain the athletic profile you share with college recruiters,
    * We provide you access to our College Recruiting Directory
    allowing direct access to teams and contacts (Divisions I, II, and III).

Elite Athlete - 13 and Over ($9.99/month)

  • 12-month minimum.
  • For the more competitive athlete (bio, photo, video and stats).
  • Best showcase value – optimized visibility to college recruiters.
  • Requires a URL link to your athletic website or video source i.e.,,,, etc., or
  • Purchase your Domain Name and Personal Website from us.
  • Key in this program is our ability to provide access to college and university programs (Division I, II and III) each quarter - sharing Elite Athlete profiles with recruiters seeking to fill key positions in their athletic program.
  • Similar to the MVP format, those choosing to make direct contact have "password protected" access to our College Recruiting Directory (conference, school, sport, name, e-amil and phone list – electronic sort version).