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AAR® Performance Tracker, Scoring Worksheet and SPR® Calculator

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A tape measure, stopwatch, and time with your athlete.

AAR® Performance


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Athletic Ability Rating® and Elite Sports Performance Training

Know how far you have come, where you stand, and how close you are to your athletic goals with our one-of-a-kind Athletic Ability Rating® assessments. We help establish a baseline, a starting point for your sports journey ahead.

Our athletic rating assessments are designed to assess the athletic performance of student-athletes in all youth sports programs – including band, cheer, dance, and gymnastics. Our participants include kindergarten and college students, as well as some post-high school and college working professionals.

Athlete Ability Rating® Assessment and Elite Athlete Talent Showcase

These Elite Athlete performance assessments use a series of physical measurements and timed metrics — providing baseline assessments that can be tracked and improved over time. When we know your result, we then compare it with other athletes to understand how you rank among other athletes in similar age and sports groups. This helps separate you from your competition and offers you valuable insights into your performance — where you excel and where you lack — so you can focus on becoming a better athlete.

Once we know your rating and where you stand, we then create your MVP profile and have it listed with other athletes to increase your chances of becoming an Elite Athlete and being seen by college recruiters.

Become a Future Star athlete with Athletic Ability Rating® Assessment

To know where you stand as an athlete, you can take advantage of our athlete ranking assessment either at home or by attending our sports camps that are curated to bring out the best in you.

These assessments include an AAR® Performance Tracker and Scoring Worksheet to help you track your athletic performance and compare it with other athletes using a rating chart and score worksheet. The assessment is easy and only requires you to have a tape measure, stopwatch, and a little time with your athlete.

Once your assessment is completed and you have your rating with you, you can go about creating an MVP profile with us and showcase your profile on the platform to increase online visibility, share with friends and families, and get recruited.

Get in touch with us to know more about our Athletic Ability Rating® assessments.